Post from March 19 2012: Start ups, Social Media, and US!

If you look back at times closely, every decade is the era of something completely new and rather exciting. Even though social networks been alive for a good few years now but the concept of Social Media and Social Media Marketing is rather hot. But that’s only the tech part said, Start-ups is also what we hear a lot about these days. Lots of young professionals with great passion and fantastic ideas who rather to pursue their own dreams rather than spending their time in hands of big corporations and organisations. We see this era a very exciting and dynamic time with day to day breakthrough in technology. We like here to be a place for sharing these sort of ideas and modern ways to implement, develop and promote them. Love to hear back from like minded people. By the way:

Happy Persian New Year 1391

p.s. (July 26 2012) : it was the night of Persian new year when I first wrote this post.

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