iPhone 5 doesn’t have NFC, but any recent types of Galaxy has. Why companies like Moo.com getting on board by introducing NFC business cards?

On September 12th, everyone who cares about NFC was waiting for Apple to say something about NFC in their new product, iPhone 5. This never happened! Simply the new iPhone 5 does not include Near-Field Communications technology. Before that some people in very big companies believe NFC stands for “Not for Commerce”, like eBay’s chief executive, John Donahoe. 

On the other hand, new Galaxies like Galaxy S3 or new Galaxy Note all have NFC inside. Moo.com the giant company in printing industry recently introduced a new product, NFC-enabled business cards. Google wallet is getting more popular. Apple announced iOS 6 has Passbook, a mobile app that pulls together QR-based and smartcode-based loyalty cards, tickets and coupons on the new iPhone. People who have hands on this industry believe this is an early stage of digital wallet, of course a wallet without any debit or credit card! There is no payment facility in Passbook.  

Ok, so life is getting difficult. Market and big companies are making big confusions to what is gona happen to NFC in the future. Who is right and who is wrong? Is everyone towards one thing or NFC is going to be failed sometimes?

I think NFC is on the way, makes every passive item like Business Cards, posters (any item) to be very interactive, NFC makes a world of incredible nodes linked together, let’s say Internet of Objects, new Internet of Items, and an Internet who makes us to listen to the surrounded objects which till yesterday they could say nothing to us. It worth mentioning that NFC + Smartphone + Mobile APPs is a complete package to make this happen. Imagine that in the future fridges will have NFC tag inside, and they are able to tell you when you are out of Milk in your Smartphone. Doesn’t look bad!… Yes, whether iPhone 5 has NFC or not, whether APPLE believes it is too early to have NFC in their phone, but NFC is on the way and getting more popular day by day. 


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