The christmas gift that makes you look so up-to-date


I know… very little time left to buy that perfect gift for special people in your life. For me the most difficult part is: Deciding what to buy as for many I assume. So if you are like me (I hope you are and I am not the only one always struggling to make a on-spot decision when it comes to shopping) I am sure you’d also a processed gift list.

BEWARE: here we talk Technology, Geeks, Entrepreneurs,etc. nothing like a perfume or a beauty set is to be found on this list (not that anything is wrong with that of course).

  • Smartphone:

One of the first ideas that comes to mind, but the question is which one? Here what we’d suggest: go for the ones with NFC, you wouldn’t regret it. With NFC applications and services moving so fast they thank you for having a NFC-enabled smartphone. Here is a few suggestions:

Google Nexus 4 (that is if you could get your hands on it, very popular), Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II,  Sony Xperia T, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC one X.

Apart from offering the power NFC, these phone have very good range of features.

  • Bring the NFC joy to an iOS fan

So your special one is an iPhone fan and is really disappointed for missing out on all the NFC fun. Don’t worry, the awesome team at flomio made just what you need. A neat device that brings the power of NFC to iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.

  • Tablet

Honestly, do you think we settle for anything less than NFCible. So here is our suggestion:

Google Nexus 7, Google Nexus 10, NFC-enabled Kindle Fire HD

  • Fun

So if you want to give a fun gift you could always get a NFC starter pack to get all experimental.

We at SUPENTA wish you a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year.


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