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There are loads of Analytics tools specifically designed for Twitter, but let’s be honest most of them could be way too expensive to start with. I was looking for one that could give me really comprehensive Twitter analysis yet without having to break the bank. After extensive research I believe FollowerWonk is one of the best.

Now let’s get straight to the point and talk about some useful features I like about this service:

Search Twitter bios (biography):

Who are you looking for? Is it new talent, customers, or just friends? on Twitter,I am personally looking for innovative ideas, activists and influencer in the fields of my activity.You can use this to find the right people in your activity scope or other subject of your interested and you can use it to connect with the expert. The screenshot below shows the result of my search for “Technology” in bios: 407.279 results!! I have access to a number of tweets, following, followers, days old, Social Authority of people or companies. I can follow them or have access to people for example who know “@TechCrunch”. Wouldn’t this be great?! I can run a more advanced search by adding other parameters and making it easier to find the right people.

Compare Users:

Another useful features is “compare users” option. Comparing your social graph to competitors, friends, or industry leaders. It’s a great way to see who followss who and how to reach out to the audience you are looking for. For example I compared “@TechCrunch” with “@mashabletech”, and here’s the result:

  • Followed by TechCrunch      »  834    91.5%

  • Followed by mashabletech   »  76       8.3%

  • Followed by both                    »  1          0.1%

I saw also compared between their engagement, avg. followers per day, total tweets and avg. tweets per week.


Analyse Followers:

And the most useful part in my opinion is “Analyse Followers on map”. This section gives you the opportunity to see your followers scattering worldwide, even more interestingly is that you can zoom in any area e.g. in London and see the position of followers and their neighbourhood in London.This could be crucial for the future planing in each geographic region.

The following screenshot is the followr map for “@TechCrunch”

We were looking for a tool to help us with analysing our twitter’s accounts preferably in a more visual way, and FollowerWonk was one of the best found. We ‘ll be very grateful to have your comments on this subject, if you know of any other applications you like to share with the rest of us.



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