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SUPENTA is a London-based startup delivering smart, simple, comprehensive solutions covering various aspects of emerging technologies. SUPENTA was founded with a distinct aspiration: to exploit futuristic technologies and to implement them prominently in everyday applications.

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iPhone 5 doesn’t have NFC, but any recent types of Galaxy has. Why companies like Moo.com getting on board by introducing NFC business cards?

On September 12th, everyone who cares about NFC was waiting for Apple to say something about NFC in their new product, iPhone 5. This never happened! Simply the new iPhone 5 does not include Near-Field Communications technology. Before that some people in very big companies believe NFC stands for “Not for Commerce”, like eBay’s chief executive,(…)

Catch Up

Hello, So I’ve played (messed up to be honest) with the previous blog and almost lost the posts I had there!! but somehow magically found it again, phew. The reason was so simple you wouldn’t believe it, I innocently just wanted to update the name of blog to new name of our company. Anyhow it’s all(…)